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  • 1 Makeup Brush Set (10 pcs)
    • Tapered Kabuki
    • Round Kabuki
    • Angled Kabuki
    • Flat Kabuki
    • Flat Angled Kabuki
    • Precision Tapered
    • Precision Round
    • Precision Flat
    • Precision Flat Angled
    • Precision Angled


Care and Specifications

  • Material: natural pure goat hair which provides superb ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for your skin
  • Clean the brushes before the first use.
  • Soak the brush with warm water and add a little shampoo for 30 minutes. After one or two washes, the hair will be straight.
  • When airing it, please do not use a drier or expose it to the sun, otherwise it may damage the brush. After washing it, you can put conditioner into the hairs to soften the brush.




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